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Faculty of Business and Administration

Dear students,

The Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA), with its multinational academic staff, is one of the five faculties at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). FBA distinguishes itself by emphasizing global awareness, internationalization, and inter-cultural competency, its wealth of interdisciplinary programs, and civic engagement.


As a home to students from 45 different countries and faculty from 12 different countries, IUS draws its strength from its diversity and the truly international experience it provides.


Full Professor
Dr. Emel Topcu

The two main divisions of FBA, Department of Economics and Management and Department of International Relations, offers courses and programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, academic flexibility allows students to engage in customized unique interdisciplinary work.

As the first private university and faculty of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we look to the future to further enhance our diversity and more closely work with local and international companies and institutions. Such engagement offers a service to the general public while providing educational experiences and practical field opportunities to our students in the spirit of experiential learning.

IUS is rapidly establishing itself as a major hub in the Balkans with its leading programs and research and its reach is extending far beyond the region. Accordingly, the domain of our business interests at FBA extends far beyond the local or regional to the truly international.

The City of Sarajevo is a rather unique multicultural center of activity with its many cultural, social, outdoors and sports venues. This backdrop not only makes living in Sarajevo a unique experience but also attracts international companies to our beautiful city. It creates a truly cosmopolitan landscape in a compact and easily accessible footprint. Consequently, the students observe first-hand the interplay of business, technology, and society, thereby complementing their academic studies.

FBA programs are intentionally designed to be demanding, thus challenging its students to achieve their full potential and instill in them the elements of life-long learning. Alongside the demands of our core curricula comes flexibility, which allows our students to pursue their own interests and innovative ideas in the ever-changing landscape of 21st century business.

We start the new academic year and look forward to being part of the learning experience of our students while adding value to our extended community.

Full Professor Dr. Emel Topcu

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA)

Faculty of Business and Administration

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Faculty of Business and Administration

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Faculty of Business and Administration

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